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Winter tackle "Cyclops"
Winter tackle "Cyclops" Winter tackle "Cyclops" Winter tackle "Cyclops"

Winter tackle "Cyclops"

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Winter tackle "Cyclops"

The tackle is a feeder with built-in rings. In the center of the feeder there is a ring for attaching the main line of the fishing rod. Examples of gear mounting are shown in the figures. The feeder is made of transparent polycarbonate, so as not to scare away cautious fish in winter. The feeder has negative buoyancy. The bait mixture is placed in the feeder and lowered into the hole. Along the perimeter of the feeder in special niches there is a fluorescent powder with a long residual glow of green color, which additionally attracts fish. Light accumulation occurs spontaneously when ordinary natural or artificial light hits the feeder. The light accumulation time depends on the intensity of the light flux. As a rule, when changing the bait and bait, there is enough time for the phosphor to accumulate the necessary photons of light.
The weight of the feeder is 7g.
Number of rings - 3 pcs.
The material of the feeder is transparent polycarbonate.
The residual glow time is up to 1.5 hours.
The time of full light accumulation is 1-2 minutes.

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Дмитрий Буруев

Очень хорошая задумка, буду тестировать. Предложение изготовителю, сделайте одну очень тяжелую - для ловли хищника на живца. Куплю, обязательно, несколько штук.


Купил себе такой наборчик. Очень оригинальная идея. Свечение в темноте даже меня заворожило. На выходных поеду тестировать. Потом ещё напишу отзыв.