Feeder benthonic "MEGA 2С"
Feeder benthonic "MEGA 2С"

Feeder benthonic "MEGA 2С"

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Container with a transparent cover and a bottom for placement of lure of average fraction and a live bait. The size is 54х35х14 mm. Weight 10,3 gr. Positive buoyancy.

Feeders of this series beyond all bounds expand possibilities of a primanivaniye of fish with use of a baiting mixture and live baits.

All feeders have positive buoyancy close to neutral therefore at washing away of a forage, feeders emerge. This property allows to control visually existence of a bait in a feeder and protects a tackle from hooks.

The drawing of openings at a bottom and a cover of a feeder defines lure washing away time, and the size - forage volume.

The bottom and cover of a feeder transparent, and fish can well see the live mobile larvae, whitebaits and other water inhabitants who are in a container as a bait.

Feeders MEGA can be used with additional freight which is mounted on a lead. At such tackle the feeder is over a bottom that allows to oblavlivat lakes with an oozy bottom.

Feeders of a series MEGA are issued five sizes with three types of openings.

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Пользуюсь ими, когда гоняю рыбалить на карася. Из них опарыш с червём долго не могут выбраться. Они внутри шевелятся и дразнят рыбу. Идея с прозрачной крышкой - хороша!!!