Set "Winter Oka" with winter fishing rod «Luck-4»

Set "Winter Oka" with winter fishing rod «Luck-4»

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The new set "Winter Oka" with an electronic rod "Luck-4" will make your fishing not only comfortable and various, but also will increase chance to catch the real winter trophy!

Everything is provided in set for catching by an electronic rod "Luck": coils with the reeled-up import scaffold of three diameters, shestiks with the equipped nods, very very catching mormyshka which are in the magnetic holder. With such set successful fishing is provided!

Stylish gift in a leather cover, in a complete set with the latest modifications of electronic rods "Luck", will not leave indifferent any fisher!

Complete set:

1. An electronic rod the "Luck-4" equipped with the coil with the reeled-up scaffold of 30 m of Ø of 0,08 mm, a shestik of flat fiberglass 200 mm with three clips a nod and a mormyshka---1 piece.

2. A shestik of fiberglass flat 200 mm with three clips and a nod---2 pieces.

3. Coils with the reeled-up scaffold of Ø 0,09 and 0,1 of mm---2 pieces.

4. Mormyshki---2 pieces.

5. A cover - a case---1 piece.

6. The technical specification (the maintenance instruction, the warranty card)---1 piece.

7. A lodgment---1 piece.

The producer reserves the right to change color, the drawing of painting of a product without changing the announced specifications.

To download the instruction for replacement of batteries

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Reviews (4)


Сама удочка отлично работает и без набора. Если только в подарок, а так зачем переплачивать, не знаю.


Удобно, компактно. Ещё бы парочку катушек сюда.


Супер набор, отец доволен, как слон.


Классная вещь. Пользуюсь уже второй год.