Winter rod "Success-Pro"
Winter rod "Success-Pro"
Winter rod "Success-Pro" Winter rod "Success-Pro" Winter rod "Success-Pro" Winter rod "Success-Pro"

Winter rod "Success-Pro"

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Asymmetric, ergonomic housing. The line stretches to the six through the squeegee strap on the body, which provides a quick, non-disruptive change of tackle. The output of the line from the body along the tangent to the winding circle without bends, in the center of the sixth, protects the body from the effect of the sliding line. Two neodymium magnets are located in the coil and the body of the rod, facing each other, but there is a gap between them, which is the magnetic axis. To fix the rotation of the coil, a lock is provided.

Due to precise calibration during the installation of magnets, the resulting magnetic axis allows the coil to spin freely, and the magnetic forces quench inertia during rotation and the coil stops immediately after the line is stopped. This allows you to exclude the formation of loops and overlaps. Magnetic forces evenly press the coil to the seat, which ensures a smooth rotation. In the case where the coil is rotated in the opposite direction by mistake, a loop can be formed, which can easily be removed without removing the coil by pulling a line that will slip between the two magnets without forming a loop.

When baiting large fish, the magnetic forces work as a friction, braking the coil and not letting the line unwound freely at strong jerks. While holding the fishing rod, it is possible to fix the force of pressing the coil by hand and thus provide the necessary tension of the line. The magnetic forces reliably fix the coil in the seat, but the coil is easy to remove in one move if replacement is needed. Weight - 14.5 gr.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the color, the painting of the product without changing the declared technical data.

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Парни,спасибо ! Сойки 4-е знал давно - понравились ,на выставке в Нижнем успел купить последнюю Сойку 5-ю!!! А за зимнюю удочку Успех-Про, отдельное спасибо..... и хоть сезон закончился, но за конструктив и продуманность - МЕГАТЕКСУ-МЕГАСПАСИБО ! С уважением, Палыч!

Андрей Т.

Купил на выставке в СПб, на мой взгляд очень удобная и легкая, хорошо лежит в руке...А магнитное крепление очень сильно облегчают манипуляции с леской. В общем достойная вещь!!!