Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer»
Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer»
Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer» Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer» Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer» Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer» Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer» Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer»

Winter fishing rod " Electronic balancer»

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Winter rod "Electronic balancer"

Winter rod "Electronic balancer" is used for winter fishing when ice fishing at night and daytime.

The “electronic balancer” is a winter tackle consisting of the rod itself with a built-in light and sound bite warning device and a tripod, in which an axis with a magnet is mounted in a special way onto which the curtain rod is mounted. A magnet is mounted in the body of the rod, and thus the rod is held on the axis between the two magnets. Balancing gear by moving weights along the six.

When the fish bite the tip of the six-LED, the LED beeps, and the fishing-rod, depending on the bite, starts to move down or up. When hooking, the magnetic forces are broken, the fishing rod remains in the hands of the angler, and the stand-tripod on the ice.

To activate or deactivate the light and sound indicator it is necessary to press the button and release it after the first sound signal. If after releasing the button a short beep sounds, the alarm will turn on; if long, it will turn off.

To change the functional parameters of the detector, press and hold the button. Each sound signal corresponds to the on, (off) or change of a particular function. Release the button after the beep means the setting of the selected function.

The first beep when the button is pressed indicates the correct operation of the electronic circuit. After the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th signals, one of the five sensitivity levels is set. The most sensitive level is set after the 6th signal.

When the button is held down further, three types of beeps are displayed. Setting the type of sound signal occurs automatically when you release the button after the end of the selected sound.

After demonstration of all types of beeps, releasing the button, the function of automatically turning off the alarm device when hooking is turned on or off.

Triple beep, with further retention of the button - disable (enable) the bite sound signal.

If you continue to hold the button down, then after 10 seconds, the demonstration of the sound of signals with different volume and pitch will begin. By releasing the button, the tone and volume of the sound signal is selected.

The set parameters remain in the device memory until they are forced to change.

At the first bite, the light indication is turned on for 20 seconds, and the sound signal has a duration of 5 seconds. Time of constant light indication is counted from the last bite. Then for 5 minutes the intermittent light indication is turned on with a frequency of one flash in 5 seconds, thereby showing what gear unnoticed bite has occurred. In order not to scare away the fish, a red light indicator is installed.

The beep, after the first bite, will respond to each bite within 5 minutes with short beeps.

The detector provides protection against false positives from the action of the wind.

The energy-saving circuit automatically turns off the device after ten hours if no signals are received.

The CR1220 battery, from which the detector is powered, is designed for many years of operation of the detector. To replace the battery, unscrew the two screws on the case, open the cover, remove the old battery from the battery compartment and install a new one, observing the polarity.

The detector is sealed, does not sink in water and is not afraid of moisture.

Product weight 24 grams with battery and counterweights.

Operating conditions: from —40 degrees. C to +65 degrees C

Contents of delivery:

Winter rod "Electronic balancer" -------------- 1 pc.

Tripod-stand ---------------------------------------------- 1 pc.

Shipping case ---------------------------------- 1 pc.

Technical description ------------------------------------------ 1 pc.

The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product and is 12 months. The product is removed from the guarantee in the event that: if the product has mechanical damage, liquid has entered the body, traces of opening the case (the battery does not change during the warranty period), the button breaks.

Production: Russia, OOO NPP Megateks, Fryazino MO, Okruzhnoy proezd, 12 tel.: 8–929–921–66–20 e-mail: site:

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Евгений Сорокин

Супер. Для меня именно сигнализатора и не хватало. До этого пользовался "Качалкой".

Админ: для Андрея Ш.

Для того и создавалась, чтобы можно было отвлечься и не пропустить поклёвку. Спасибо за комментарий.

Андрей Швер

Для таких, как я - само то!!! Можно и вздремнуть, и отвлечься на телефон, и всё остальное. Поклёвку не пропустишь.


Нормально работает, сигнализатор срабатывает хорошо. Рекомендую на леща, в палатку.


Сигнализатор не очень громкий, а так, все свои функции выполняет. Для палаточников то, что надо.


хорошо работает, особенно в палатке.