Winter rod "Rocking"
Winter rod "Rocking"
Winter rod "Rocking" Winter rod "Rocking" Winter rod "Rocking" Winter rod "Rocking" Winter rod "Rocking"

Winter rod "Rocking"

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Winter fishing rod "Rocking" Winter fishing rod "Rocking" is used for winter fishing when fishing from ice at night and during the day. "Rocking chair" is a winter tackle, consisting of the fishing rod itself and a tripod (not included in the kit), into which an axle with a magnet is specially mounted, on which an equipped fishing rod is installed. A magnet is mounted in the body of the fishing rod, and thus the rod is held on the axis between the two magnets. The tripod is installed near the hole with the legs extended as far as possible for stability. The tackle is balanced by moving the weights along the pole. When a fish bites, the fishing rod, depending on the bite, begins to move down or up. When hooking, the magnetic forces are broken, the rod remains in the hands of the angler, and the tripod stand is on the ice. Product weight 17 grams with a six, coil and counterweights. The weight of the load on the line, which can be compensated by moving the counterweights on the pole from 0 to 1.2 grams. Operating conditions: from -40 deg. From up to +65 deg. WITH Contents of delivery: Winter fishing rod "Rocker" -------------- 1 pc. Removable fiberglass flat six-piece 200 mm ----------- 1pc. Detachable coil on magnetic axis ------------------------------------ 1pc. Technical Description ------------------------------------------ 1pc The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale of the product and is equal to 12 months. The product is canceled from the warranty if it has mechanical damage. Production: Russia, OOO NPP Megatex, Fryazino, Moscow region, Okruzhnoy proezd, 12 tel .: 8-929-921-66-20 e-mail mail: website:

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Всё отлично работает. Я бы, ещё, доработал стоечку, может потяжелее сделать. Но, это моё мнение.