The signaling device has no analogues in the fishing market, does not require contact with the fishing line, automatically turns off after hooking. Works from one battery more than five years. Warranty 12 months.

Electronic signaling devices "Joy"

Smart winter fishing rods "Luck"

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Certificate of conformity

  Due to the improvement of manufacturing technology and performance qualities of the product, the Sputnik immobility alarm has passed all tests to obtain a certificate of conformity “On the ..

Catch fish with a plumb line?

Especially for carp fishing, an additional function for working on plumb and swingers was installed in the signaling device. Unlike all imported roller signaling devices, "Joy" gives light and s..

New model of the signaling device!

  NPP "Megatex" has completed the development and started serial production of an updated version of the bite signaling device "Jay 5M". The weight, dimensions and appearance of the signalin..