Set of winter rods «Success-Pro/2»

Set of winter rods «Success-Pro/2»

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Set is completed with two rods "Success-Pro", four spare coils, two additional shestiks and a special substrate for fastening of mormyshka and hooks.

Set is picked up in such a way that on fishing it is always possible to replace quickly the coil spare, with the scaffold of the necessary diameter which is reeled up in advance, to establish a mormyshka or a hook on the main tackle.

Rods are made of super light materials, have the ergonomic form, low heat conductivity. Flat shestiks are made of fibreglass, easy, "ringing", are not afraid of a frost, have no "memory". The flat form of a shestik allows to use nods without adapters that in turn excludes twisting.

When transporting, the mormyshka or a hook is fixed in a case by a magnetic catcher that protects a tackle from complication.

  Tackles are laid in a convenient, transportable leather case which has a stylish and presentable appearance and will become an excellent gift for your darling, the friend or the acquaintance.

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Удочки просто класс!!! Легли в руку, как родные. Смена снасти без разрыва лески - вообще космос. Спасибо, Виктору, за рекомендации.