Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B»
Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B»
Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B» Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B» Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B» Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B»

Annunciator of a motionless state «Satellite-B»

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Annunciator of a motionless state "Satellite-B/1".

Appointment and scope.

The immovability signaling device "Satellite – A/1" (further SN "Satellite") is intended for giving of an alarm signal at a condition of immovability of the person, in case of loss of consciousness or receiving severe physical injuries and also excess of temperature in a zone of works more than 70 °C.

SN "Satellite" is applied to safety of personnel of rescue units, fire services, gazodymozashchitnik, technological personnel when performing the tasks connected with elimination of emergency situations, works in mines and during the works connected with stay in the dangerous environment, in medical institutions at observations of patients, at occupation extreme sports.

Work and management of a signaling device.

SN "Satellite" is activated when detaching the indifikatsionny key which is on back face of the device under a pressing clip the signaling device in case of installation of a key is switched off back. On a key there are two strips of white color which serve for plotting of information about the user.

For indication of a status of the device, determination of capacity of batteries, exceeding of temperature of the casing, operation of the electronic circuit, and also an alarm bell four built-in two-color LEDs of high brightness (red and green) and audible tones of a siren with two operation modes are used: preventive and the main.

In case of switching on of "Satellite", the device automatically undergoes self-diagnostics.

In case of operability of the device the LED (M) shines in flickering green color.

The low charge of the power supply is signaled by flashouts of the red LED designated on a front panel by a letter "B".

Exceeding of temperature in the casing more than 70 °C is signaled by short flashouts of a LED (t °) and a constant audible tone with an interval 2,5 sec.

If the LED flickers in red color (∆) – the electronic circuit is not serviceable and the signaling device is subject to repair.

Forced switching on and switching off of a light-sound alarm bell is made by clicking and holding (1-2 sec.) of the button in an operating status of a signaling device.

In case of the switched on device if the user is in immovability more than 20 seconds or there is a heating up of the casing to temperature over 70 °C, the preventive light-sound alarm, lasting 14-15 seconds, with step-by-step rise of volume automatically joins. If movement was not resumed, or temperature did not decrease, joins the main audible tone of the maximum volume with the continuing plowings of four LEDs of red color.


Installation of a signaling device.

The signaling device is established in any place on clothes, on equipment, a humeral or safety harness by means of a clip. The metal platform (is included in the package), on which a clip the signaling device fastens is applied to fastening on wide (up to 85 mm) a zone belt of the firefighter. The platform can remain further on a belt, and to it, in case of need, the signaling device quickly is established.


Replacement of the independent power supply.

In a signaling device the galvanic CR123 battery is used.

For changeover of the battery, it is necessary to turn out four screws on a back cover, to separate upper and lower speak rapidly the casing of a signaling device, to take out the discharged battery from a battery bay and to set new with respect for polarity. To make assembly of the casing upside-down.


Service conditions and service life.

The case of a product is manufactured of heat-resistant shock-resistant polycarbonate. The polycarbonate film with filler which in addition protects a product from external influences is applied on the case. The product doesn't demand maintenance, except replacement of batteries. The term of operation comes to an end at violation of integrity of the case or other mechanical damages of the device and depends only on ways of exploitation of the consumer.


Technical characteristics.


Loudness of a sound alarm signal

100 dB at distance of 3 m

Light indication


Operating time without sound alarm signal

at least 800th hour.

Operating time in the «Alarm» and «Compulsory Alarm» modes

at least 12 hour.

Operating time after indication of discharge of batteries (a LED of Б)

not less than 200 hours without sound alarm signal

Temperature range of operation

from - 20°С to + 75°С

Extent of protection of the device against external influences of the environment

not below IP67

Weight without platform with batteries

140 gr.

Overall dimensions without platform

88х60х30 mm


Guarantee certificates.

— the warranty period is estimated from the date of sale of a product and is equal to 12 (twelve) months;

— guarantee certificates don't extend to batteries.

Guarantee certificates are removed in a case:

— mechanical damages;

— the damages caused by hit in a product of foreign objects, substances, liquids.


Completeness of delivery.

Immovability signaling device "Satellite", with the set CR123 battery

1 piece

Metal platform

1 piece

Indifikatsionny key

1 piece

Shipping cover

1 piece

The description with the warranty card

1 piece

The producer reserves the right to make minor changes to a design, appearance of a product, at the same time, without worsening technical parameters of a signaling device.

Production: Россия, наукоград Фрязино, ООО «НПП «Мегатекс», Окружной проезд, д. 12.

Phones: 8–929–921–53–06,8–929–921–66–20, e-mail:, website:

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