Fishing rod "Nika"
Fishing rod "Nika"
Fishing rod "Nika" Fishing rod "Nika" Fishing rod "Nika" Fishing rod "Nika" Fishing rod "Nika"

Fishing rod "Nika"

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Rod for predator "Nika".

 Ergonomic body with additional fixation under the finger, such as "trigger", for additional fixation of the fishing rod with a strong bite. The line is installed in the slot between the pressure plate and the hull, which ensures a quick, continuous change of gear. The exit of the line from the body tangentially to the circumference of the winding without bends, in the center of the hex, protects the body from the effects of the sliding line.

Two neodymium magnets, which are opposite each other, are embedded in the coil and the body of the fishing rod, but there is a gap between them, which is the magnetic axis. For fixing rotation of the coil, the stopper is provided.

Magnetic forces quench the inertia during rotation, and the coil stops immediately after the fishing line stops moving. This eliminates the formation of loops and overlaps. When biting large fish, the magnetic forces work as a friction clutch, braking the coil and preventing the fishing line from unwinding freely during strong jerks. Holding the fishing rod, you can use your hand to fix the pressing force of the reel and thus provide the necessary tension of the fishing line.

Magnetic forces uniformly press the coil to the seat, which ensures smooth rotation.

Magnetic forces reliably fix the coil in the seat, but at the same time the coil is easily removed in one motion if replacement is necessary.

The rod is completed with a flat fiberglass sixth, 30 cm long.

Due to its geometrical shape and physical properties of the material, the sixth has two degrees of rigidity, which increases the chances of playing gear. The weight of a fishing pole with a six - 27 gr.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the color, painting the product without changing the announced technical data.

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Нормальная блеснилка. Хороший ход катушки, думал на морозе будут проблемы.